We provide extensive services from the beginning, to the end of the design process 

Complete general designing for all disciplines and technical inspections 


  • Installation plans
  • Concept plans
  • Sketch designs
  • Study plans
  • Building authorization plans
  • Tender plans
  • Construction plans
  • Survey- and realization plans
  • Landscape architectural plans
  • Fire protection expertise
  • Designer cost estimation, budgetary tenders
  • Interior design plans
  • Geodesy

Building engineering

  • Mechanical expertise
  • Energy certification
  • Mechanical design plans
  • Placing in plans for technical equipment

Public utilities

  • Water utility plans
  • Gas utility plans
  • Power supply utility plans


  • General construction of new and existing investments

Technical inspection

  • Building constructions
    • Underground structures and deep foundations
    • Vehicular structures
    • Water management structures
    • Building services
    • Building electricity

Electrical engineering

  • High current network plans
  • Lightning protection plans
  • Low current network plans
  • Automatic fire alarm systems

Structural engineering

  • Structural expertise
  • Structural design plans
  • Soil mechanics and geotechnology

Transport engineering

  • Vehicular structures planning
  • Railway structures planning
  • Aviation structures planning
  • Water transport structures planning